Ways to Find an Embedded Software Development Team

Nowadays embedded hardware engineering and software development are getting more and more popular. It is because they are widely used in everyone’s life. A lot of different fields, such as healthcare, technical, automotive, financial, telecom and many more use embedded systems for their needs. That is why the demand for embedded software development teams on the market is extremely high. 

But it is difficult to look for all the suggestions for hiring an embedded development team. The issue is to find the one that will be suitable for you and your business as much as possible. So, most likely, you are wondering where to find the most professional embedded software development team that will meet and satisfy your needs. 

To answer this question, first of all, you need to discover your needs and set precise goals for future cooperation. And the most common but still very important point to manage is choosing the form of the collaboration. Thus, you have an option to hire an in-house embedded team, outsource it to a software development company, or collaborate with a freelance developer. 

Each option has its main way of supply. An in-house team is a group of developers totally dedicated to your project and working in your office. Collaboration with a freelancer is a more temporary option, most often it is a remote developer that can do some task for your project. Outsourcing your project means hiring a full team or a developer overseas. But there are also a lot of different options like hiring a specialist or team that will work remotely or move to your country, it can be a cooperation for one task or a long-term cooperation for several projects.

Of course, each of these options has its pros and cons and situations when it is more reasonable to choose one instead of another. So check the comparison below to decide which one is more suitable for your needs.

Proscontrol over the full process of developmentability to communicate

personallyability to influence the process and change something if necessaryall that reasoning high quality of the work
it is cost-effective because you do not need to pay taxes, sick-days, pay for technical equipment, etc.

you collaborate with countries with lower salaries so that it will be cheap for you

you do need to fully manage your team as the company will do this by itself

company’s guarantees is one the factors that ensures high quality of the work done

it is easy to find specialists with nearly any expertise as do not do it yourself
wide range of specialists with different expertise and for any cost

you will have an ability to find a really cheap services

you do not have to pay for equipment, sick-days, etc.

it is a good option for starting collaboration very fast
Conscomparatively high cost as you need to pay taxes, sick-days, pay for technical equipment and other

it may be difficult to find specialists with the necessary expertise

you need to coordinate your team by yourself
in some moments you may experience cultural issuesworking remotely

there is no ability to communicate personally

data security problem
you have no guarantees so that the quality of work may be poor

you have lack of control over the process

you need to coordinate the process by yourself

it may be difficult to communicate (cultural issues, different time zones)

Tips How to Select the Right Embedded Software Development Team

  1. Find out skills and knowledge specialists have. It may help you to choose the one that will meet your needs totally. Thus, a resume should contain such points as C or C++ knowledge, ability to use embedded system design environments (MATLAB, TargeLink, Simulink), design knowledge, using code generation tools and management tools.
  2. Check the experience specialists have. It would be great if they have already participated in the full cycle of the development and implementation of embedded systems. It would be especially good if they are embedded devops, which means that they are embedded systems team and embedded training team at the same time. Learn more about the projects a team has already finished. 
  3. Read the reviews precisely. It can give you information about the process of work and specialization of the team. 
  4. Learn more about communication with a team. Good communication is 50% of successful results so make sure that you can build a comfortable connection with the team.
  5. One more point is cultural fit. It is an important part of both communication and development. So make sure that you have common values with the team you are willing to cooperate with.

Emerging Trends in Embedded Software Development

With the development of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and internet of things (IoT) technologies, embedded development changed a lot. Thus, there are a lot of new requests a modern world gives to it. Drones, new robots, technologies, automated vehicles, healthcare developed a lot and looking for new solutions for improving their work. And using embedded systems with the help of artificial intelligence, machine learning and IoT is a result. 

It changes all existing industries and approaches a lot. It makes coordinating and management of the technologies much easier and efficient. All that looked impossible several years ago can be solved now with the help of embedded team devops.

So if you want to stay on the level with your competitors and make your business go ahead, you can create switch embedded team that will bring these modern trends to your project, change the approach and show you stunning results!

Process of Hiring and the Prices

With us you can hire a team embedded devops engineer just following several common steps. 

  1. Sending the form below with the most basic and general information.
  2. We get familiar with it and set up a consultation to learn more about your project and its needs.
  3. After that we start looking for the best suiting candidates.
  4. We manage the interviews with candidates. You can participate in them as well.
  5. According to the results of the interviews you can choose the specialists for cooperation.
  6. Thus, we form a team for you and coordinate it in future.

And such a pleasant way of working is connected with a comparatively low price. Thus, according to Payscale, the average annual salary of the embedded developer in Ukraine is $24000 while in the USA it is $83000 and in Germany $60000. So, evidently, collaborating with Ukraine is cost-effective. 

Want to hire a skilled embedded software development team? Get in touch with us via the form below!


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