According to the Grandview Research forecast, the total market value of the global embedded systems industry is expected to reach $214.39 billion by the end of 2020 with over 6.3% CAGR growth during 2014 and 2020. With this substantial growth, the demand for the embedded development and embedded programming consulting services is growing at a very fast pace across all major regions of the world. 

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To cater to this increasing demand for the embedded systems consultancies, numerous technology outsourcing hubs like Ukraine and others have emerged as one of the brightest spots for outsourcing business. Ukraine is the fastest growing IT outsourcing market in the entire European Union (EU) market during 2018-2021 with a whopping 8.2% CAGR growth. The total size of the IT outsourcing market of Ukraine is expected to reach $5.7 billion by the end of 2021.

Let’s have a look at the types, benefits, and industries that can benefit from embedded firmware consultant outsourcing services in Ukraine in this article.

Embedded Consulting Services – An Overview

The sphere of embedded systems consultancy includes a wide range of services in numerous industries and business domains that are offered by a specialized embedded consultant provider firm. A few most important services of them are listed below:

embedded software consulting services
  • Assessing and analyzing the existing systems for automation
  • Designing integrated and automated systems powered by embedded software solutions
  • Developing network automated services for home and industry automation
  • Developing a domain-specific functionality and implemented on hardware
  • Developing certain APIs for remote access and control
  • Designing improved process operations systems
  • Building and implementing mobile applications, etc.

The major benefits of developing innovative and automated solutions for the existing manual business processes are numerous. The most important benefits that enterprises can achieve by using the consultancy for embedded systems are listed below:

The following industries, enterprises, and businesses should choose the embedded systems consultancy services for achieving the desired business objectives:

  • Automobile manufacturer and maintenance
  • Industrial process automation
  • Telemetry services
  • Traffic control and management
  • Networking and computer networks
  • Home appliance automation and maintenance
  • Office process automation
  • Software development and operations  
  • Electronic chip designing, etc.

Types of Embedded Systems Consultant

The embedded systems consultants can be categorized into many types. A few of those types of consultancies are mentioned below:

types of embedded systems consultants
  • Firmware only. The firmware embedded systems consultants deal with the development, up-gradation, and maintenance of the firmware most commonly miniature operating systems and system drivers.
  • Hardware only. These types of embedded consultants deal with hardware configuration and maintenance. For instance, an embedded Linux consultant uses different hardware devices governed by the Linux OS for smooth operations of automation.
  • Hardware and firmware consultants. Any consultant that deals with both the operations, development and deployment of solutions based on both hardware and firmware are referred to as a hardware and firmware consultant.
  • Industry-specific embedded consultants. A specialist in dealing with the processes involved in a particular industry is known as an industry-specific consultant. For example, telecom expert, software development specialist, traffic management expert, and others.
  • Technology-specific consultants. Technology-specific specialists deal with the embedded systems used in a particular technology. For example, Bluetooth-enabled systems experts, artificial intelligence specialists, big data consultants, and others.

What Industries Do Need Embedded Software Consultants Services?

Almost all modern industries are highly influenced by the use of software programs in the operations of their respective business processes. With the advent of modern technologies related to automation and artificial intelligence, the need for embedded design consultant and software engineering services has increased tremendously.

Thus, almost all types of projects planned in any industry have become extensively dependent on the embedded software systems and services. The major industries that need embedded software consultancy for their respective project success include the following:

industries where embedded software consultants are needed
  • Software development industry
  • ICT industry
  • Banking industry
  • Avionics industry
  • Civil aviation industry
  • The electronic car manufacturing industry
  • Automobile process automation
  • Road traffic management industry
  • The mobile device manufacturing industry
  • Home appliance and office equipment manufacturing industry, etc.

Why Choose Us as an  Embedded Consulting Firm?

Our company is one of the most specialized IT device security embedded consulting service provider companies operating in Ukraine. It offers comprehensive services for hiring a professional team of embedded software developers, network engineers, and other specialists required for providing a robust solution for industrial process automation.

A large base of our clients spread across the globe is a reliable testimony of professional-grade embedded security consultancy services offered to our clients. We offer the following unique services that make us stand out from the other competitors in the marketplace:

  • Access to a large pool of highly skilled, qualified and experienced embedded software developers, consultants, and other specialists
  • Solid experience in the embedded system consulting and recruitment services
  • Fully managed hiring and consulting services to help you keep your focus on the core business idea
  • High quality of service in line with the European quality standards
  • Highly competitive embedded software engineer consultant rates in the market
  • Out of the box approach of thinking about the solution of the problems that the businesses of our clients face
  • State of the art infrastructure and workspace for the remote to work at full efficiency
  • Flexibility to scale up your team at any point within a short turnaround time
  • Fixed prices with flexible payment options without any hidden charges at all
  • Access to the technical team with full control on your project as well as on your team

How Does Our Embedded System Consulting Services Work?

Our embedded software development and embedded Linux consulting services work in a very smooth and systematic way. It has a predefined simple and short procedure and responsibilities to accomplish. The workflow of our embedded system consulting services is mentioned below:

  1. The client shares the profile of an ideal candidate required for a particular task and provides the details of the technical task to performed by the required candidate
  2. Our specialized recruitment team screens a large pool of professional CVs to find the suitable resumes, sends the shortlisted CVs of specialists matching the desired profile and technical task and arranges candidate interview over video with the client
  3. The client approves the successful embedded systems engineers
  4. Our recruitment team makes an offer through an offer letter
  5. The hired candidate accepts the offer through a signed-back letter
  6. Our specialized resource management team takes the employee onboard, arranges and brands the workspace in line with the client identity, and provides the other resources needed to the team for smooth working
  7. Finally, our expert resource management team manages the team by keeping in touch for operations

Why Choose Ukraine to Hire Embedded Consultants & Developers

Ukraine is one of the most attractive destinations for global companies to hire embedded developers for outsourcing different types of projects and tasks related to the embedded systems and automation. Ukraine is producing highly talented and qualified Ukraine software developers and system engineers through the world-class educational institutes that offer ICT technical education.

The main reasons for a wide range of companies choosing Ukraine as the outsourcing hub for embedded systems consultancy and software development services are mentioned below:

why choose ukraine to hire embedded consultants
  • Large tech-talent pool. Ukraine has a highly qualified and skilled pool of over 200 thousand IT specialists and developers. A large pool enables the customers to choose the most matching candidate for the projects easily.
  • General-purpose language specialty. A huge portion of Ukrainian developers are specialists in general-purpose programming languages, which are commonly used in embedded systems or hardware programming systems. The majority of Ukrainian developers are experts at Java, C++, Python, PHP, and JavaScript.
  • Mushrooming of IT outsourcing companies. A huge number of IT startups and outsourcing companies make Ukraine one of the most attractive destinations for nearshoring within the European and North American countries.
  • European quality standards. Ukraine follows the European standards of development and consultancy quality standards, which are second to none in the global perspective.
  • Highly competitive prices. The development cost, especially in embedded systems is highly competitive as compared to many competitors. The quality-price ratio offered by Ukraine is much better than many others.
  • Booming IT outsourcing industry. The IT industry of Ukraine is growing at the fastest rate of over 8.2% CAGR among all European countries during the last 6 years. This growth is an indicator of the confidence of clients the Ukrainian outsourcing companies enjoy.
  • Ideal location. Ukraine is located at the central location for all major countries of the world. It is situated in the most ideal location for all European countries for nearshoring. The North American and Asia-Pacific countries are also in ideal proximity.
  • Shared culture and language. Ukraine shares the European culture and English language for communication. There is no cultural or language barrier for smooth communication at all.

If you are in search of a specialized embedded software consulting service or qualified embedded developers, get in touch with us for our specialized services right now!

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Embedded System Consulting: The Pros and Cons of In-House, Part-Time, and Outsourcing Formats

Embedded software consultancy services require investment, and these expenses are inevitable. However, business owners always look for opportunities to cut costs. In this article, we share how to do that using different cooperation formats. So learn the pros and cons of full and part-time employment and check the benefits of outsourcing.

Why Hire an Embedded System Consultant

Creating a top-notch embedded firmware product requires human resources. And hiring a consultant for specific tasks has several advantages:

  • This specialist already has the required experience and is ready to start ASAP.
  • You won’t have to pay for the learning time.
  • Such a professional leverages creative approaches and can find effective system solutions.
  • A skilled expert is open to challenges and can handle complicated tasks. 

And now, let’s check the key benefits and disadvantages of the three existing ways to cooperate with embedded firmware consultants.

In-House Embedded Consultancy

Hiring full-time employees for embedded systems development consulting is often the privilege of seasoned companies. And here are several reasons.


Large corporations often invest in on-site teams because they get:

  • Complete control over your team. With this option, companies control their full-time teams directly. This means employees report to managers without involving third parties. So your consultants will be responsible for completing tasks and meeting deadlines. Both parties will have to fulfill the obligations of the employment contract. 
  • 100% availability of team members. Whether your embedded software experts work in the office or remotely, they’re fully available. This allows managers to estimate deadlines and arrange meetings urgently. The full-time employment model is a reliable and efficient way to get work done.


Established businesses, however, have to face the challenges of employing embedded software advisors: 

  • High costs of keeping your team. Employing an embedded systems consultant means paying this specialist salaries and taxes at local rates. Also, you’ll need to offer benefits. Arranging the working space, equipping this person with equipment, and embracing the new team member with necessary assistance implies additional costs. 
  • Slow hiring process. Corporations usually have more bureaucracy than startups and small companies. So finding the right candidate for the in-house embedded software engineer and advisor role can take time. That’s because of confirmations from managers, coordinating technical and HR interviews, preparing the documents, etc.

Contracting a Part-Time Embedded Software Development Consultant

Hiring a part-time consultant on embedded systems is the best-fitting solution for companies with limited budgets. They’re ready to share their specialists with other projects to save money.


Here are the outstanding benefits of this cooperation model:

  • Lower labor costs. Hiring a skilled expert from embedded consulting companies part-time is cost-effective. Compared to the full employment option, you pay only for the hours when your advisor is busy with your tasks. This
    format is beneficial for small and mid-sized businesses and startups. 
  • Possibility to hire top experts. Many project owners want to contract a skilled specialist instead of a mid-level embedded software developer or consultant. That’s because experienced practitioners can offer creative solutions and require less time to do their jobs. Consequently, companies save costs and complete tasks faster.


Below are the key negative factors behind part-time employment:

  • Lower dedication to your company. Part-time workers usually distribute their time between several projects. This makes it impossible for them to devote 100% of their time exclusively to your tasks. So they become less dedicated.
    However, embedded experts paid hourly remain reliable, following instructions and meeting deadlines.  
  • Not always available. Part-time work assumes you need to coordinate the schedule with your consultant. This expert can have other prioritized commitments, so your tasks will have to wait. Though some professionals may agree to open availability, this will instead be an exception rather than a rule.

Embedded Software Outsourcing

Hundreds of businesses have switched to hiring embedded software teams from third-party vendors. That’s because this cooperation model has its benefits.


These two points motivate most product managers and company owners to outsource team members.

  • Cost-effectiveness. Outsourcing assumes you get embedded hardware consultancy from professionals located in offshore destinations. Those countries usually have lower living costs, so US and European businesses leverage
    lower salaries for their remote teams. 
  • You have admin tasks covered. Since outsourcing providers officially employ your consultants, they usually cover all related administrative duties. This means you shouldn’t worry about transferring payrolls and taxes, reporting
    to local authorities, arranging office premises, buying equipment, etc.


However, this collaboration format has its drawbacks too:

  • Data security needs enhancement. Securing the storage, file paths, and ports is a must. Monitoring potential system vulnerabilities and user authorization and authentication allows companies to protect data from cyber attackers.
    And reliable providers also sign NDAs with each employee to secure customers’ information. 
  • Different time zones with your team. Outsourcing often means taking on board team members from distant countries. Several hours of difference in business hours can affect performance. However, some destinations are more favorable. For instance, Ukraine-based experts we hire can have synchronized schedules with American or European companies.

3 More Benefits of Outsourcing Embedded Consultancy With Us

As stated above, outsourcing embedded software development consulting services gives significant benefits. We’ll help you cut payroll costs, forget about organizational issues, leverage shared business hours with consultants, and eliminate the risk of a data leak. But in addition, you get 3 more advantages when building your team with us:

  • You hire top talents. Our recruiters have talent pools with experienced embedded advisors. Since Ukraine is an acknowledged IT hub, we give you an opportunity to hire top experts cost-effectively to improve your product. 
  • Your experts speak English. We’ve built numerous teams and know that a good level of English is critical for effective collaboration. That’s why we ensure each professional delivering embedded consultancy services has at least a B1 English level and can communicate freely. 
  • Your team will be ready within several weeks. Our recruiters use proven approaches that streamline candidates’ searches. Moreover, they have an extensive professional network which increases the chances of finding your ideal applicants
    promptly. Plus, lists of professionals ready to start working help us send best-fit CVs to you instantly.



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