Embedded Software Development Services

Embedded systems and IoT have a wide range of applicability. With more industries adopting technology and data-driven business models, embedded systems have become a staple in several essential industries. Below are several of the embedded software development services that a skilled embedded engineer for hire can offer.

Embedded Software Engineering

Embedded software is developed to perform single-purpose high-level functions, such as data processing and system interactions. Due to its capabilities, this embedded software requires a special OS to execute its intended purpose. When an embedded system or device with embedded software is connected to the Internet, it then becomes an IoT device. Our IoT embedded engineer can develop, maintain, and integrate your embedded system devices onto your IoT systems.

Hardware & Firmware Engineering

Firmware is programs built into simple-purpose devices to execute a low-level function. These are usually developed using low-level languages the C or assembly, then translated into machine code that is understood and executed by the machine. Firmware exists in numerous devices and tools, such as peripherals, computer components, even consumer appliances. An embedded firmware engineer focuses on developing, maintaining, and optimizing embedded firmware for system processors and microcontrollers with different architectures.

DSC and DSP Development

An embedded control engineer services provide a complex digital signal controller and processor (DSC/DSP) development and optimization. These services aim to develop and optimize DSP/DSC components and systems that provide high-speed and efficient numeric and analog-signal processing. Such services can be applied to numerous devices, such as automation solutions, surveillance systems, signal processors, complex image processing, and facial recognition systems.

Third-Party Equipment Customization

If you are looking to hire embedded systems engineer to collaborate within integrating third-party devices and tools to your existing systems. Our developers are skilled and experienced in designing, developing, and integrating embedded technology into various architecture. The embedded systems engineer teams will collaborate with you on understanding your embedded system needs and how best to integrate and customize third-party equipment and technology into your systems.

Embedded Advisory Services

Exploring the possibilities of embedded software systems for your business or services? An embedded systems consulting team will help you evaluate your current systems. We also provide the best possible embedded software system tools and devices that best fit your needs. The embedded consultant advises you on the impact of having embedded software system tools on your products and business. They will also provide guidance on how to hire embedded developers to design and complete your project. 

Provider of Remote Dedicated Embedded Development Teams

If you are looking to hire embedded software programmers or embedded software development services for an embedded systems project, our company can provide the services you need. The embedded software development company provides skilled and experienced developers that collaborate with our clients in designing and developing the systems that they need. 

We work with our clients in defining their developer and system needs, and build the dedicated team to meet these needs. Our dedicated remote embedded software engineer teams and IoT embedded engineer teams have provided their services and worked with numerous businesses all over the world. From entry-level embedded software engineer to a senior embedded software developer, we can recruit the best possible candidate for principal embedded software engineer for your project needs.

Find Embedded Software Engineers with Expertise in Diverse Areas

The embedded software engineer teams have a wide-range of embedded system technology skills and experience.


Firmware Programming

Firmware programming aims to develop low-level functions and instructions for single-purpose devices and technology. The embedded firmware engineer teams are both skilled and experienced in developing and enhancing embedded firmware solutions. Our skilled embedded firmware engineer teams work in both high and low-level firmware architectures and subsystems. They develop solutions compatible with numerous microprocessors and hardware currently out in the market.


Electronic Design

Not only are embedded firmware engineer teams capable of developing quality and efficient firmware. Embedded FPGA architect specialists are also able to design field-programmable gate arrays that fit our partner’s needs. Embedded firmware engineer teams are also able to design and conceptualize the best possible circuitry to execute the tasks indicated in the firmware.


Hardware Engineering

Although the software plays a significant role in an effective embedded system, quality hardware components and systems are also essential. An embedded hardware engineer participates in the identification of the parts needed and develops the necessary hardware system to support and execute the embedded firmware of the system.


Integration with Third-party Technologies

For businesses and organizations wanting to expand their existing systems, our remote embedded software engineer teams are also equipped and skilled with integrating third-party technologies. Third-party technologies are challenging to adapt or incorporate into existing systems, more so if they were of differing architectures. The embedded software engineer teams will ensure that third-party apps will be effectively integrated into your existing systems. The team will work to help you achieve your embedded system goals and objectives.


Embedded Software and Hardware Testing

Building embedded systems do not stop at the final output. Embedded control engineer teams also design and implement quality control hardware and software tests for the product. Software tests ensure that the logic and use cases for the functionality of the embedded software follow what is required by the client and the end system. Hardware tests ensure that the circuitry and electronics functions as needed to execute the firmware.


Products SDK Engineering and Maintenance

Part of the responsibilities of the embedded software engineer teams is developing SDKs for embedded system firmware and devices. We ensure that these SDKs are kept up-to-date and maintained to perform as efficient and at optimum performance.

Industries for Which We May Find a Talented Embedded Engineer for Hire

As mentioned, embedded systems, together with other modern technology and tools, have become widely used across various industries. These industries have found effective and profound use of embedded systems in improving and enhancing their processes and applications. Embedded systems work as individual purpose-driven functions that feed into the larger overall system.

Automotive Industry

The automotive industry continues to innovate and enhance the driver and passenger experience. Modern automotive systems employ several embedded system functionalities and technology. Such systems are evident in automatic airbag deployment, keen traction controls, automatic vehicle parking, and system-directed navigation and driving. Embedded software developers build systems capable of feeding data into the car’s central control system, which uses the information to adjust and customize the experience to the driver and passenger.

Industries Using Embedded Systems Engeering Services


Among the industries that leverage embedded systems, the best is telecommunications. Tools developed and maintained by many embedded system engineer teams are applied in various products and media. Good examples are network switches redirecting the telephone network to mobile phones in the end user, and the use of routers and bridges to route data in the network. An IoT embedded engineer ensures reliable and high-speed network connection.


Modern medical procedures and tools employ embedded systems to provide accurate patient data. Tools such as ECG, MRI, and CT scanners rely on microcontrollers and triggers embedded into their systems to complete specific tasks. The electronic defibrillators and glucometer are some of the devices that use embedded systems to execute tasks and provide critical data. With more technology like AI, Machine Learning, and IoT embedded systems in medical tools and processes will be even more advanced and highly essential to our healthcare system.


Even basic payment systems are incorporating embedded systems into their implementation. In the age of mobile services and demand for accessible payment systems anywhere anytime, mobile technologies applying embedded systems to mobile electronic payment solutions have become highly in-demand. IoT embedded engineer teams develop secure and encrypted systems to facilitate transactions between financial institutions and payment systems.  Some fintech companies have also expanded the use of debit and credit card systems to become part of personal identification systems at various levels. These cards, sometimes referred to as smart cards, are sometimes used as patient cards, driver/s licenses, and/or citizen identification cards.

Industrial IoT

Enterprise operational technology has now converged with information technology, giving rise to Industrial IoT. This was brought about by the intense demand for enterprise-wide data and information sharing, end-to-end systems, and business data and analytics all extracted from every possible data entry point. The data entry points that an embedded system engineer develops can be a system end-device, a gateway in the network, the cloud, or any point in an enterprise supply chain. Embedded systems integrate machines that provide real-time and up-to-date data with data analysis and expert systems at the end-points. 

Sample Embedded Software Engineer Resume Samples

Below are samples of an mid-level embedded software engineer and a senior embedded software developer that you can use as reference when looking to hire a principal embedded software engineer for your project.

Are you looking for a talented embedded engineer to extend your development team?

Hire Remote Embedded Software Engineer

With our embedded software development company, we do our best to match our partners’ needs with the embedded software engineer skills of our team. We will build the dedicated remote embedded software engineer team that best fits our partners’ needs.

Here at our company, we aim to build the systems that our clients need. To do this we search and hire embedded developers who will match their requirements as ideally as possible. We gathered these skilled and experienced embedded software programmers and engineers and ensure that they are dedicated to our clients. 

There are various ways wherein we search and build the best dedicated team for our client: 

  • We may hire embedded system engineer professionals or embedded linux developers with expertise in diverse platforms for embedded software development (Linux, RTOS, QNX, Perl, Windows Embedded Compact)
  • We may find diverse embedded coders or MATLAB embedded coder proficient in different programming languages (C, C++, C#, Arduino, Assembly, Verilog, Rust, Python)
  • We may employ embedded Firmware engineer teams who deliver embedded software development services using different OS (LynxOS, BeRTOS, VXWorks, Windows CEThreadX, Linux)
  • We may find embedded control engineer and developers skilled in different microcontroller/microprocessor ecosystems (Raspberry Pi, Toradex, Intel Nuc, Arduino, Nvidia Jetson)
  • We may hire embedded software programmers to deliver diverse embedded software projects (sensors, middleware, advanced imaging recognition,Industrial IoT, Automation)

Reliable Embedded Systems Development Services Provider

You can recruit and hire embedded software programmers for your business if you are looking to expand your business or existing systems. Or simply include embedded system tools and devices. This ensures that you have 100% oversight and management of the embedded systems programmers and designers for your project. Another option is to search and collaborate with an embedded software development services provider.   

Our embedded software development company builds dedicated remote embedded software engineer teams. We collaborate with our clients in designing and developing the embedded system they may need. 

For us, our clients are our partners. We work with our clients selecting the team that builds the embedded system that they need. Our partners are also involved in screening and testing embedded systems developers. The entire process of gathering and hiring the necessary embedded software development services takes about 4-6 weeks. Our partners are also involved in managing the embedded systems team. They have a hand in overseeing the progress and quality of the work completed by the dedicated team. 

Our business model and approach to providing service to our clients are both cost-effective and ensures that other costs are also covered – such as taxes, recruitment, HR benefits, equipment, etc. The cost to hire embedded engineer teams or the cost of embedded software design is also taken into consideration when providing cost estimates to our partners. We aim to work holistically and effectively with our clients to ensure high-quality products and partnerships from any projects that we may have.

Scale up Your Existing Development Team with Dedicated Embedded Hardware Engineers

In the age of globalization and social distancing, businesses and other organizations have adopted the remote work and work-from-home model. This is to ensure that essential business processes are still ongoing and functional despite the situation and to reduce operational costs for the business. Remote work has long been a business model employed across various industries, most notably in tech businesses or organizations. This model has been proven effective, and at times highly beneficial to both the business and its employees. So why should you hire remote embedded software engineer services? Why hire remote development services for such an essential and impactful job? How much would the services of an embedded coder cost? What would be the expected embedded programmer salary? 

Aside from the current global situation, opening recruitment or collaboration to a global audience expands your reach of potential candidate employees and/or service providers. Businesses and organizations are also able to reduce operational costs when employing remote services. In partnering with a service provider, they can focus on other essential processes in their business and still have a shared hand at managing their remote development teams. 

Reaching out to companies based in countries like Ukraine opens up an avenue to a more diverse and skilled pool of potential IoT embedded engineer teams or embedded hardware engineer teams for your embedded systems project. Whether it be brand new systems, migration, or expansion of existing systems or merely tech consultation, Ukraine delivers. Ukraine has long been a hot spot for highly skilled and experienced developers and quality IT development service providers. Our company is among the service providers with an established global reach and market, and has long been providers of high-quality IT development services, embedded systems included. We partner with our clients and work towards building the best possible team to deliver their IT business needs.

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